Hubby. s late but 60-year-old Lady Ava has a young date.

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Lady Ava is a loving wife. She's okay with her husband taking his time coming home, and when he gets home, she'll be ready for him. She's the perfect wife, right? And she's beautiful and sexy, too. Well, today, Lady Ava is okay with her husband taking his time getting home because she's going to take her time with 28-year-old Sam. She's going to suck his cock, and he's going to eat and fuck her pussy. She'd better clean Sam's load off her big tits before Hubby gets home. By the way, Ava is 60, so Sam is almost young enough to be her grandson. Ava is from the UK and she's 5'2", which means she's short and stacked with those nice, natural hooters. 60Plus MILFs: Are you a swinger? Ava: Yes. I started in 2018. My partner thought we should try it. My wildest experience was a house party in Manchester. I was exhausted! 60Plus MILFs: Do you masturbate? Ava: Always and I use everything. Fingers, candles, toys. 60Plus MILFs: Are you into any fetishes? Ava: Not particularly. 60Plus MILFs: What gets you off best? Ava: Clitoral stimulation. Fingering or licking my clit. 60Plus MILFs: Do you like being watched while having sex? Ava: Yes! It excites me and heightens my orgasms.