First-timer not a cum dodger

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When this scene opens, Janee Diamond, a 46-year-old newbie from Atlanta, Georgia, is already giving her guy's cock a vigorous rubbing through his jeans. Seems like she had a good time at some party she went to (probably attracted a lot of attention, too, in that sexy red dress she's wearing) and couldn't wait to come home for some home-grown cock. So she rubs his dick through his jeans with her nicely manicured hands, and notice the wedding ring on her left hand. Now, the guy who's going to give Janee her first video fuck is definitely not her husband. He's a guy who has fucked a lot of our MILFs, and now he's going to fuck Janee. First, he's going to suck on her big, pointy, fake tits. Then, he's going to stuff his cock in her little mouth, and she's going to lick it up and down like it's a popsicle. Then, he's going to fuck her pussy every which way. But the best part of this scene, in our opinion, is the cum shot. Pretty, blonde Janee gets on her knees, and the guy shoots his load. Where's he aiming? Who the fuck can tell because he squirts some onto her nose and some onto her upper lip and some onto her lower lip, and before you know it, Janee's got a hunk of cum snot on her left nostril and spunk dripping down her chin. And she's not a cum dodger at all. Not bad, for a first time, eh? Now, to review: Janee is a wife and stay-at-home mom. She was born in Canada. She has DD-cup tits. She loves to play with her clit (she does a lot of that in this scene). She has green eyes and is 5'8" tall. She likes guys who can fuck her for a long time and then get their hard-on back and fuck her again. In other words, she likes to be fucked a lot. Oh, and she has a thing for dark dicks in her ass. More on that soon.