My Boob Heaven

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Charlee Chase is from Tampa, Florida. For some reason, Tampa is a hotbed of horny strippers and porn stars. There used to be tons of nudie clubs there before the city imposed restrictions. In this very hot scene from the SCORE Classic movie My Boob Heaven, Charlee's slinky flexibility allows her to twist her body into a lot of horny fucking positions. (She was a cheerleader in school.) When Jean Val Jean gets home to Charlee, he bears gifts of bras so Charlee will bare her body trying them on. Her modeling show drives Jean crazy. Charlee drops her bra under her tits, takes off everything else and goes down on his boner, blowing him like a vacuum cleaner. He fucks her tits and then roughly rams the living shit out her. She loves it and goes wild as he pounds her pussy hole like a machine. Dirty talking Charlee jerks off his shaft with an expert hand job that makes him pop his nuts all over her face and proffered tits. Sexually assertive Charlee likes to fuck as often as she can get cock and says clitoral stimulation gets her off best. Charlee says that guys should be funny and cocky if they want to score with girls but not obnoxious or arrogant. According to Charlee, the worst thing a guy can say to a woman is "to call you by the wrong name when you're having sex." That's why it's recommended you call all the women you know Baby or Honey at all times. You'll never screw up if you take the advice of your fuckin' friends from SCORE.